Zurpz is an Orange County, CA, based website dedicated to making everyone’s life easier when deciding what to eat for any meal. Photo

The site is a place where you can upload your favorite recipes and videos of how to make your dish. You can also rate recipes, videos, and restaurants.

Marisa Singh, a recent college graduate living in Newport Beach, got this idea when she moved out and started cooking things a little more elaborate than a turkey sandwich. She would get a recipe but didn't always know what items or procedures meant. So she would call her dad and say, "dad, what's deglaze a pan mean?", or "dad, how do you cut up a mango?" So she thought, "wouldn't it be cool if there was a place where you could look this stuff up and watch a video on how to do it?” This is when she got the idea for foodies to upload their own favorite recipes to share with everyone else!

Our mission is to ensure everyone can look up a local restaurant, recipe video, rate various menu items, comment, and even blog about anything food!

Basically, Zurpz will answer all your foodie needs! Enjoy!!